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  • Savoie Wine book

    Wines of the French Alps – Kickstarter Campaign for the Book

    Ten days ago in New York, I launched the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for self-publishing my second book, Wines of the French Alps. The book’s focus will be on wines from Savoie, Bugey and other French Alpine regions. Click…

  • Douce Noire rare grapes

    French Alps Wines and Rare Grapes

    In preparation for my new self-published book in the making, I’ve been spending some time pondering what makes wines from the French Alps so special. I’ve also been trying to define where the wine regions of the French Alps begin…

  • Anna Schneider

    The evolution of the science of ampelography

    It’s all too easy to believe that once a scientific advance has entered into common usage it must be the best and only way to solve a problem. However, just as how in the world of medicine a good surgeon…

  • Jura vineyard ploughing

    Jura Rocks All Over the World

    Until about five years ago, you’d be lucky to find one article a year on the Jura that wasn’t written by me. Quite rightly that began to change as wines from the Jura started winging their way outside of the…

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