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  • Jura Wine

    The Jura Wine book

    Winner of the Drink Prize in the André Simon Food and Drink Book Awards 2014, Jura Wine uncovers the secrets of the fascinating wines of this gorgeous region in eastern France. Don’t go to the Jura without it!   Author Wink Lorch, who…


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  • Crémant gyropallets

    Has Jura gone mainstream? And will Savoie?

    In a relatively short time the perception of Jura wine in the UK has changed dramatically. Perhaps, just as one notices how much a child has grown after not seeing him for a few months, my 11-month absence made this…

  • Rippon Central Otago

    Wine Searching in New Zealand and Sparkling Savoie

    My whole life may seem to have revolved around Jura wine and the book in the past year, and in many ways it has. However, since early June I have been based in Auckland, New Zealand, working as acting editor…

  • Vin de Savoie AOC

    On Savoie Wines reaching middle age

    Last weekend the Savoie wine region celebrated 40 years of being classified Vin de Savoie AOC with an array of local Michelin-star chefs serving impeccable food to over 300 invited guests. In the marquee erected for the occasion in perfect…

  • Jura Wine Book

    My Kickstarter Experience: Jura Wine – The Book

    Today I received a transfer of approximately £12.5k into my bank account accumulated from 375 people who had pledged to the Kickstarter project I ran recently. The project was to raise funds for the production of my book Jura Wine…

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