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Some more write-ups AND a Promise

Whilst I’ve been swanning around doing other things and getting ever-more-behind on tidying up my office and more importantly, figuring out how to do PR to the world’s travel media, I’ve had a couple of good write-ups.Firstly, from Calgary in Canada – check this blog:http://communities.canada.com/calgaryherald/blogs/uncorked/archive/2007/06/04/new-wine-travel-website.aspxAnd then, UK-based Wine & Spirit Magazine gave me a good… View more

Your Reward for reading my Blog!

Introductory Offer for Subscriptions on www.winetravelguides.comEnter the code D1BLG07 into the box on the ‘Subscribe’ Page and click “Apply Promotion”You will then receive a discounted subscription of:£6.50 Bronze (instead of £7.50)£17 Silver (instead of £19.50)£39 Gold (instead of £49)That’s about 20% off Gold, somewhat less off the other subscriptions. You have 90 days …What are… View more

www.winetravelguides.com is Live!

Well, I was having a delicious lunch at Limani (Greek Restaurant) in Primrose Hill with a very old friend when I got the news from my web designer:“She lives!”I don’t have kids, and no disrespect to women who have been through the real thing, but for me, it’s as if I’ve given birth.Now I just… View more

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